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The security of your systems depends on several important factors. Physical security to your premises, computer room and servers is essential as software imposed security can be easily over-ridden by a breach in physical security.

Securing a Solaris system is a complicated task. There are some 150 changes that may need to be made to a default installation to bring it to within your security requirements. Fortunately, there are several security tools out there to help the systems administrators get it right. Such tools include YASSP, TITAN, SAINT (more up-to-date version of SATAN/SANTA) and several others.

Online resources that are well worth using include:

SANS Institute Online

CIAC Security Website
Internet Security Systems
Intrusion Detection Systems
TITAN Home Page
YASSP (Yet Another Solaris Security Package )
Trojan Ports to Block
Unix and X-Windows Security Tools
Unix Host and Network Security Tools
Ports Database
L0pht Heavy Industries

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